Hunger Free India

We strive to feed as many people as we can sustainably, to move towards a Hunger Free India

Equitable Society

We serve people coming from all walks of life, irrespective of their religion, gender, caste or age group.

School with Smile

Education girl child is as equalling educating India. we support girl children with comprehensive school package.

Emergency Relief & Aid

Whenever disaster strikes, natural or man-made, We generally follows the first-in and last-out approach.

Festival for All

Humanity United Federation has taken Initiative to celebrate popular f...

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e-Learning Program for Children

This project aims to provide e-Learning opportunities for many underpr...

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Save the Children

Humanity United Federation work for and work with Children, every chil...

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“Being Millionaire or a successful entrepreneur is not great, being human & Humanity is the greatest of all. Show a little compassion to your fellow beings.”

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