About Us

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) is a non government and mon political organisation registered under act and rules of Govt. of India.(License no 112786 with Registration no. U85300PN2018NPL179293. we are social helping hand and an Organization for the ignored, disregarded, over- looked, victimised oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the Society and it cultivates awareness in them with regards to their “RIGHTS”.

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) is an intrepid, fearless, impartial, neutral and independent Organization that pens against Crime, Corruption in Society, against anti Nationalism, in human activities and with the strength of the Court and Media Brings improvement and creates awareness in the minds of the Governed and the Governing. we are creating a favorable atmosphere of Art, Culture, Literature, Amiability and Assistance.

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) has been amalgamating integrating and unifying the Intellectuals, Youths, Students,  Ladies, Businessmen, Authors, Laureates, Poets, Writers, Social Workers into a single unit for the protection of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice and a favorable environment. we are endeavoring to open Residential Secular School, College, Hospital and Old-Age-Home in all parts of the Country and exerting for literacy campaign.

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) shall fight against communalism and terrorism and determined for establishing the atmosphere of peace.

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) has been organizing different Meetings, Seminars, Conventions, Assemblies, Conferences, Cultural Programmes, Youth Camps, and Judiciary Camps since came into the existence.

Humanity United Federation (मानवता संयुक्त संघ) well deserves all the Human Rights Declared by United Nations Organization.