e-Learning Program for Children

This project aims to provide e-Learning opportunities for many underprivileged students, including out-of-school youth in the slums of various villages of Maharashtra state.

Access to interactive e-Learning computer center for children right in their neighborhood will help them finish their elementary or high school studies and acquire lifelong learning skills, an effective way in helping them become productive adults, and break away from the vicious cycle of poverty.

poor families in the Maharashtra make ends meet by working as street vendors, household help, or as construction workers – earning about 50 rs. to 75 rs. a day – hardly enough for daily meals of a family of four. Extreme poverty hinders most children to finish their studies; community public schools cannot provide access to e Learning for their students since most kids do not have access to computer in their studies, further contributing to the eternal cycle of poverty in these informal settlements.

We aim to bridge the digital divide and address the escalating illiteracy rate of underprivileged children through e Learning, and ultimately help these poor families break out of the poverty cycle.